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Travel tickets

Tickets and Subscriptions

The type of travel documents and the rates applied on the Local Public Transport lines are established annually by the Regional Administration with an administrative provision.

To use the service it is necessary to have a regular travel document (ticket or season ticket) which must be purchased at the ticket offices. To make the ticket valid and not incur the administrative sanction provided for by the laws in force, the Subscriptions must:

– be validated on the occasion of the first trip;

– be kept intact together with the identification card * issued by the company providing the service.

– be accompanied by a receipt of the recharge carried out, so as to certify the validity of what is loaded on the electronic card, even at a first sight check, which will be confirmed by the electronic instrumentation.

* Cost of the BIP card (valid for 4 years) € 5.00; Pyou card (valid for 4 years for young people between 14 and 29 years) € 5.00.


For all areas outside the Formula Integrated Area, a regional mileage rate is applied.

The types of tickets

– give the right to make only one trip on the route corresponding to the type of fare purchased;

– they are valid from the moment they are validated on board the bus and the journey must be continuous.

There are various types of travel tickets for these fares:

  • are the most used type and are issued through the mechanical or electronic issuers supplied to retailers

  • – it is a type of ticket with kilometric bands issued by retailers that do not have the issuing machine, exclusively for the Turin – Caselle Airport and Turin – Malpensa Airport connections

  • it is used by the traveling staff to regularize passengers without tickets in the event of a malfunction of the ticket machine

  • – it is valid for the week in which it was purchased, for an unlimited number of trips (including holidays)

    – must bear the number corresponding to the week of validity

  • – it is valid only on specific bus lines for workers (blue collar) for 42 monthly journeys from Monday to Friday

    – must indicate the month of validity

  • – it is valid for 3 consecutive months only on specific bus lines for workers (blue collar) for 126 journeys (42 journeys per month) from Monday to Friday

    – must indicate the months of validity

  • – is valid for the month in which it was purchased, for an unlimited number of rides (including holidays)

    – must indicate the month of validity

  • – it is valid for one consecutive year for an unlimited number of trips (including holidays)

    – must indicate the year of validity

  • – is valid from 1 September to 30 June of the following year for an unlimited number of trips (including holidays)

    – is reserved for students up to 25 years of age

    – must be accompanied by an identification document and, for students aged 15 to 25, by a document proving school enrollment

  • – it is valid for 20 trips to be made within 60 days from the date of the first validation


Recommended for those who travel only occasionally.

The ticket must be validated as soon as you get on the bus in the appropriate validator.

The area is divided into concentric rings, divided into 19 zones:

  • indicated with the letter U (urban area) and is valid for 2 areas

  • indicated with the letter A

  • each marked with a letter of the alphabet

  • Including Pinerolo and the Municipalities of Buriasco, Cantalupa, Frossasco, Macello, Osasco, Prarostino, Roletto, San Pietro Val Lemina, San Secondo, indicated with the initials I on the POS for renewals, and is valid for 2 areas.

Annual subscription

Have you decided to buy an ANNUAL subscription?
Do you already have an ANNUAL subscription that has expired or is about to expire?

Here’s what you need to know:

The applicant must present himself at one of the Arriva Torino offices (Grugliasco, Susa, Pont St. Martin or Pinerolo) with a valid identity document and a passport photo.

At the time of the request, the interested party must make the payment for the entire amount of the desired document, by submitting the request form completed in all its parts in block letters.

For your convenience, you can download all the necessary forms from this page.

Attention: we remind you that the forms must be brought directly to Arriva Torino, faxes, e-mails or letters will not be considered valid.

Subscription Forms


Subscription Forms


Download the application form  ABBONAMENTO FORMULA PLURIMENSILE STUDENTI (10mesi scolastici)

Download the application form  ABBONAMENTO FORMULA ANNUALE (12mesi)

FORMULA Subscription Information

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